Sometimes we may be able to better help you with problems in Helium or Helium Streamer if we can look at your database.

Find the database

To send us your database, please locate it using one of the following methods (depending on whether you are using Helium or Helium Streamer):


The default database is always located under this folder:

  • %APPDATA%\Imploded Software\Helium XX\Databases\default.db

You need to change the XX above to the version of Helium you are using.

The database you are using may be located somewhere else if you have created a new database yourself. 

If you use Helium Premium you can see the location of the database by opening the Database Management tool (press CTRL-D on your keyboard). The database being in used is selected.

If you use the free version of Helium you can open up this file in any text editor:

  • %APPDATA%\Imploded Software\Helium XX\db.json

You need to change the XX above to the version of Helium you are using.

Look after the {"Filename": part and the location of your database is there.

Helium Streamer

If you are using Helium Streamer you can locate the database by opening the Helium Streamer Launcher.

Go to the Settings tab and your active database will show there. If you click on the Open database button you can easily copy the path to the database location.

Send us the database

When you have found your active database please attach it to an existing ticket or create a new one from this portal.

Other database types

The instructions above explains how to locate the default SQLite database that comes with Helium. If you have changed the database type to another format (SQL Server or MySQL/MariaDB) you may need further assistance in order to send us these. Please contact us if this is the case and we will assist you further.