New support portal

Welcome to our new support portal. This is where you will get help from us (Imploded Software) and from our community of users.

You can read the documentation for our various products under the Solutions tab, access user forums under the Forums tab and report or access your tickets from the Tickets tab.

This portal is currently under construction and more articles will come.

The old user forums are still available from the link below, but it's no longer possible to post any new articles:

Please also note that the Custom Center for paying customers is still available at:

The Customer Center is where you can see your purchased licenses, change your e-mail address and subscribe/unsubscribe from e-mails from us.

The Imploded / HMM forums and the ticket tracking system have moved. It would be great if you guys would update HMM 11 so that we can quickly find the new sites from the Help menu. The "User forums" link is now old. And below the "Report a bug", I'd like to find "Check ticket status" (like you have on the new imploded home site.)

So 2 things to improve in the Help menu:


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Thanks for the suggestions. We'll look into adding this in an upcoming release.

so my login info works only on old customer portal, not on new. so i made new account. what now? is possible to merge them? or new portal means new account? thanx

Dear Igor,

The two systems are not merged so your new account will only work in this system.

and old? will be closed somewhere in future?

The old support portal is already closed.

I updated the text above to clarify that the Customer Center is still available (and will continue to be) at

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now whole info is clear

Hopefully it should be available now again.

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