Build helium_0.5.476.0.exe now available

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  • Global filter fixes for MySQL
  • Statistics fixes
  • Threading issues fixes
  • Statistics reacts to global filters (read more below)


What's the purpose of a global filter?

When you use a global filter it will affect the following views:

  • All Music Explorer nodes
  • Releases view
  • Artists view
  • Labels view
  • Tracks view
  • Genres view
  • Years view
  • Statistics view
  • Search results

The same global filter will be applies to all views and you can use view specific filters to refine the filtering even more.

What can it be used for?

If you have a collection thats divided into specific folders like:

  • d:\untagged
  • \\nasname\tagged

You can quickly set a global filter to "path starts with d:\untagged" to only work with your untagged files.

The same logic can be applied if you have splittered your collection into different paths depending on genres, e.g.:

  • d:\classical
  • d:\rock
  • d:\pop
  • d:\electronica

It can also be even more powerful if you work with custom fields. Assume that you are using CUSTOM_1 to define a specific type of classical music. It can be set to "Baroque", "Reniassance" and other values.

This way you can quickly define a global filter to "Custom 1 is Baroque" to only see items (no matter which part, artist etc. they are from) that meets the "Baroque" criteria.

We have some rough plans to support more field expressions for the filter to make it even more powerful (compare with the Advanced search structure).

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