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player in neon stopped working

Updated to latest version and cant play any files anymore

using 0.5.476.0

tried all posible player settings in options but none are working.

any ideas how to fix ?

Try this:

1) Close Neon

2) Delete C:\Users\YourUSerName\AppData\Roaming\Imploded Software\Helium\helium.json and autoenqueue.json

3) Start Neon

Does this work? If not, do you get any error messages or such or what happens when you try to play a file?

Just tried , did not fix the issue im having.

deleted both the .json files  

It does not give any errormessages, im in albumview and i click on the play icon

nothing happens.

I can unfortunately not reproduce this myself. Tested with two Win10 machines and one Win 8.1 machine.

Some more questions:

1) Are your files locally stored?

2) Are you using WASAPI?

3) Which database type are you using?

4) Will it help if you create a new test database?

You can also test do delete all files in the folder where helium.json is located to see if that helps.

Hi mikael,

1) files are locally stored on various harrddrives

2) no not using WASAPI

3) SQL server compact database

4) yes a  new database helped solve the issue.

so problem solved, although im curious what caused it to stop functioning.

Thx for the help mikael.

Great to hear that it works Peter, thanks for the update!

If it occurs again, please try to see if it relates to any specific operation or such and let me know about it.

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