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Wrong ip-address under Webservices

Not sure if this is a bug but under webservices I noticed that I had the wrong ip-address for my local network. Now it says but it should be

Do you have multiple network adapters (physical and/or virtual) on your system?

If so, this can show an incorrect value (I assume is located to "something" on your system)?

I have a VPN connection but I don't use it right now. Can this be the issue?

Most likely yes. 

If you run ipconfig from the command prompt, will you then see multiple occurances of IPv4 address ? 

I found why now. It is Virtual Box who use that IP-address, why does Neon use that? Shouldn't it be my ethernet adapter?


Please test with this new build:

This version will list the available ip-adresses. I think that adding a knowledge post about this is also something that needs to be done.

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Yes it list both IP-addresses. But not my local ip-address first. I suppose it would work anyway. Will try it soon.

I can only list it as I receive it from the WinAPI, I cannot get any further details about which address that can be an internal IP or not.

(I have the same problem on my machine since I have multiple virtual adapters on it)

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