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Modify columns in different views

Please add the possibility to customize the columns in the different views.

I want e.g. see a list of all tracks and check if they have the correct tags:



- File Path

- Album Artist or Artist

and so on...

even if it is just possible by editing a xml file or something similar.

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Does this relate to Album details and the Play queue?


I see now, it is possible under "Tracks", but not all Tags are listed for selection. 

For performance reasons we have decided to not list all available columns, since that would result in slower performance and (much) more memory consumption.

So, a suggestion of the most important columns that are missing is welcome. 

We have no plans to add all columns, it's actually tested, and it slows down things a lot.

I guess all columns are loaded from the DB?

It would be nice to have the GAIN informations just in the Library view, where it is already possible to select the columns. Would this be a bigger problem? I also calculate the dynamic range for each track, but i use a custom column for that.

Hi Alex,

>>I guess all columns are loaded from the DB?

Not really all of them, since some are not used. (at the moment)

I will review how easy it will be to add customizable columns (I think that would be the prefered way).

The differing thing with the Album details is that the list can be grouped if you are viewing a multi-cd album.

Implemented in build #506

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