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Using of WASAPI takes influence on my application

if use Wasapi and playing a file with it

that stop my own Application Television if Show to the same time

that will not appears without Wasapi.


and WinTV2K.EXE Crash also..

Do you use exclusive or shared mode?



I think that's how BASS WASAPI is designed, I only initialize as described in the documentation.

If you avoid exclusive mode, will it work then?

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you are right ;) sorry

>>If you avoid exclusive mode, will it work then?



Thanks Emil.

I have raised the question to Ian in the BASS forums, but I think the behavior is correct.

i see ;) Thank you

the Trouble is that other Appication Crash like Winamp and my Application.

if playing to the same time.


I think that's a problem to BASS or possibly the other applications. It's BASS related so I'll close the topic here and we can continue to watch it in the BASS forum.



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