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Tag Editor with fields

Question relating to my post here:

Is this feature now implemented? When yes, I'm confused how to use it, becaus I cannot enter some { bracktes into any entry field of tag editor.

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This issue has been resolved since a couple of versions ago.

Yes it should be implemented.

Can you give a step-by-step example of what's not working?

Please see the scrrenshots:

1. I open the tag editor in tracklist view

2. I try to enter some brackets (cannot type beginn-brackets)

3. After saving tag, the strings are correctly saved in tag. I see the entered filds raw {{artist}} but not the value of it. I was expecting, that they where processed tag-tag conversion/replacing while saving.


Ups, I missed one screenshot. here u are:


Please retest with build 496.

Note: Album artist is a special field, will it work for example Custom 1 ? 

I cannot reproduce the entering problem of {{ with English or Swedish keyboard.

I tried to do this with Deutch(switzerland) active, but I could not figure out which key-combination that would generate these chars.

Can you give me a hint?

 Swiss-German Keyboard. BTW: in Helium 11 it's working fine.

Thanks I have reproduced it by activating the German keyboard.

If you change to English, will it then work?

In general, the field replacing is working now.

When I change the keyboard US layout I can enter the brackets and it's working as expected.


The issue is reproduced and I will analyze it further. I will add it as a bug report fo further tracking.


This issue has been resolved since a couple of versions ago.