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Allow only one instance of Neon

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What would be the point of this feature?  So you don't accidentally have more than one open?  Trying to understand the downside of having more than one instance :|


It is mainly to avoid race conditions so that two instances won't write to the same file at the same time.

But it's a rather low-prio feature, it's more simple to let it be up to the user.

you can not use two instances of Neon.

if you work with wasapi and exclusive mode.

the second instance will not Play any File if the first instanze used exclusive mode.

>>But it's a rather low-prio Feature

should be high priority Change it..


sorry again!

This is not a question of want or not
This is a must programming for technical reasons
Or you want to paralyze the 2 instance your System


Closed as duplicate to bug report.

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