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First AlbumView Cover to WindowsFormsHost

it is possible for the cover in the first album view the WindowsFormsHost
to use as a container?
Then you could use this later for visualizations.
so you can see Cover or Visualization




This does not seem to be possible at the moment, since it's not a simple control.

It is a UserControl I have created with various data-bindings and interaction logic.


set it over the Usercontrol and visible if viz used?

i think that is a good place for Show Visualization.

only a question.. if not no Problem.


Viele Plugins sind device abhängig
Das Window für die Visualisierungen muss also Device konform sein
Zum Beispiel bei OpenGL sollte das Format 3 zu 4 betragen
bsp:320x240, 640x480 usw..
Wird das nicht eingehalten wird der Viewport verzerrt bzw. unkorrekt angezeigt.


many plugins are device dependent
OpenGL, GDI, GDI +
That Window for visualization so Device must conform
For example, in the format of OpenGL 3 should be about 4
bsp: 320x240, 640x480, etc ..
If this is not complied with the viewport is distorted or displayed incorrectly.

Full Screen should not be a Problem if use a Fake Fullscreen

should better then Change the Screenresolution.


But seeing the visualization (only) on albums view seems to be the wrong place, doesn't it?

I've created mock-ups for to other ways:

1. As a completely new view:

2. As part of the info / lyrics pane:

Just as Sven describes with his mocks, that's the perfered way to show the visualizations and not under a release-detail page since that's allocated for release specific information and commands.

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