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First AlbumView Cover to WindowsFormsHost

it is possible for the cover in the first album view the WindowsFormsHost
to use as a container?
Then you could use this later for visualizations.
so you can see Cover or Visualization




This does not seem to be possible at the moment, since it's not a simple control.

It is a UserControl I have created with various data-bindings and interaction logic.


set it over the Usercontrol and visible if viz used?

i think that is a good place for Show Visualization.

only a question.. if not no Problem.


But seeing the visualization (only) on albums view seems to be the wrong place, doesn't it?

I've created mock-ups for to other ways:

1. As a completely new view:

2. As part of the info / lyrics pane:

Just as Sven describes with his mocks, that's the perfered way to show the visualizations and not under a release-detail page since that's allocated for release specific information and commands.

Viele Plugins sind device abhängig
Das Window für die Visualisierungen muss also Device konform sein
Zum Beispiel bei OpenGL sollte das Format 3 zu 4 betragen
bsp:320x240, 640x480 usw..
Wird das nicht eingehalten wird der Viewport verzerrt bzw. unkorrekt angezeigt.


many plugins are device dependent
OpenGL, GDI, GDI +
That Window for visualization so Device must conform
For example, in the format of OpenGL 3 should be about 4
bsp: 320x240, 640x480, etc ..
If this is not complied with the viewport is distorted or displayed incorrectly.

Full Screen should not be a Problem if use a Fake Fullscreen

should better then Change the Screenresolution.


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