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Miniaturized version of player

Will there be a miniaturized version of the playing bar?

I made often use of this feature, because you were still able to rate the tracks and change songs and it doesnt take the whole screen.

In combination with "always on top" option?

Not urgent, but would be a nice-to-have feature.

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At the moment we have no plans to implement this, possibly we will review this after the first official release of Neon.

This will most likely be implemented as a general purpose plugn for Helium 13.

Can hardly wait!


Here's an early preview of it:


It can easily be placed on top of all other windows or just behave as a standard window.

Horizontal resizing is supported.

This plugin will be released as open source so that it can be freely extended/styled.

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Looks great!
Just what is needed for the daily use.


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