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delete last Database

delete last Database neon crash


It was just a question


@Emil: I tried that approach first, but it dis not worked well since the enabling relates to which tab page that was selected it caused flicker/uncertain states, hence I discarded that solution.

Corrected in: ;)

my opinion.

Hmm.. if not better do set enabled Delete button to False if no Database selected  instead of Show a Message?

after is selected set to true.


Corrected in:

(An error message will be shown if no database is selected)


Das problem kommt daher weil die aktive Datenbank nicht ausgewählt ist
nach dem Menu aufruf von Library Management


The trouble comes because the active database is not selected
after the menu call of Library Management


Go to Library Management

do not select any Database

click delete

Neon Crash


letzte = aktive Datenbank?

"The active database cannot be deleted" in this case, for MySQL

Das löschen der letzten Datenbank lässt Neon abstürzen.

Diese sollte eigentlich nicht löschbar sein.


Can you please repeat that in a proper sentence?

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