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Visualizations support

Via BassVis

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Did you start some testing of this?


Only on a very basic level (outside of Neon), but it has been paused for a while to get everything else to work. I will restart it soon again.

This looks actually as if it will work, we have made some tests in a separate application and will soon start to implement the solution in Neon.

OK, so how do you plan to implement this?

I would like to get a small visualization frame within the Information pane. This would be MY highest priority. ;-)

It would also be great to get a visualization in the main pane - maybe as background for all views or as a separate view.

And last but not least the full-screen-visualization...

The initial test I have made is by embedding it in a container as a view (Play queue etc).

Full screen should be quite simple, when the actual engine is in place - a small frame is tricker but should still be possible.

The small frame in the Information pane comes with a bunch constrains that needs to be solved;

1) If the pane is not visible, rendering must not run.

2) If anf how should the height scale according to the width.

The first goal is to get the new view and fullscreen to work, after that I need to see if I can add support for additional plugin types (WMP, BassBox) then I will look at the embedding in the information pane.

At the moment I have only made tests with Sonique and Winamp plugins.

Here's another teaser:

Inline image 1

>> Quoting Mikael Stalvik:
>> Here's another teaser:
Where is it? :-D

>> Quoting Mikael Stalvik:
>> If anf how should the height scale according to the width.

The old (docked) implementation in HMM11 had no fixed ratio either - the visualization adapted itself to the new size (in real-time). Is this not (easily) possible with BassVis?

Couldn't you see my attached picture? :) Height: Using full height is not a problem, but in your original request I think you would like to ser lyrics and a small version of the vis at the same time. This can also easily be done if the height is static, eg 200px.
No, there's no picture at all in your post, I can only see Emil's two pictures.

Height: No, full height was not intended by myself - but in HMM11 I could resize the docked frame in height and width and it was adapted in real-time, isn't this possible with BassVis?


Height: BassVis is not the issue here, the thing is that we no longer use the docking control system as in earlier versions so this cannot be done. Best possible thing is probably to start by placing it with a static height at the botton of the playing info?

Would be good enough for me, would it be possible to make the height configurable through the options (in pixels / percentage or maybe just three pre-configured heights (small, medium, high))?

Yes, configuration from options should work well.


Try this link:

(Just an early draft)

It looks great so far. I'm looking forward to see it in action... ;-)

>>Is this not (easily) possible with BassVis?

is possible.

see what i have post here..

my question why you can not toggle between CoverView and Viz as a small window with a fixed size of 320X240..

i think that should be the best in Now Playing Screen only.

and yes i tell you do not Change the Resolution 3X4 or all visualization shown are wrong.


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