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add possibility to decrease size of shown images

I recently installed Neon on another computer and saw that the album images and other images like artist and so on are really huge. If you use it in a smaller window, the browsing is more or less a pain. I never noticed this because i use a 5k Monitor.

Can you please add the feature to decrease the size of the images and also the font size e.g.?

Which screen resolutions does this applies to?

The graphics in Neon should scale according to screen resolutions. I personally test mostly on a 14'' screen with 1920*1080 pixles.

Screenshots are welcome.

here are 2 screenshots.

One is Win 8.1 with 5120x2880 Resolution and 150% scaling and the other is on Win10 without scaling but 1920x1080.

On the small screen you can see only 2 albums in a row, which is in my opinion a little bit too big for "browsing"


Thanks for the screenshots.

Neon is not really designed to work in portrait mode like in your screenshot, even if it works.

Therefore you will get the effect of only two albums per row shown.

Neon is mainly designed to work in landscape mode from 1600*900 pixles and up.

We wil review if it will be possible to change size of album/artist/labels items, it is quite a change though so it will most likely not be reviewed before the next official release of Neon.

I made it only in portrait mode to have something to compare it to, it's not the normal way i use it. Sorry. I was just surprised by how bit it seemed that i thought i had turned on some kind of "mode for blind people" :D

Thanks for reviewing it. 

Hi Alex,

Please try this:

When downloaded, do not start it.

Instead modify helium.json (C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Imploded Software\Helium) and set "ThumbnailSize" to 1 (2 will also work).

Please note that this is far from fully tested, but it will reduce the thumbnail size to 192*192 and 144*144 as well as some font changes depending on the setting.


It works on the first computer without problems and i will try it until tomorrow with the smaller one, reporting back tomorrow evening. The Setting "2" does not apply for the detailed album view, but i guess this is because there are too many fields (tags) to display which is all right.

Note: i had to start it first, because the JSON value was added after the first start of the new version.

>>The Setting "2" does not apply for the detailed album view

That's as designed. These settings will only apply to the "main views" and sub-views such as albums in artists details, search results etc.

Please let me know if it will look "ok" on your smaller setup, if so I will expose it as a UI setting.


I tested it also on the smaller screen, looks very good! 

Thanks for implementing it :)

Great to hear. I will expose the settings into Options for the next build then :)

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