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Remove Playlist not clear the list

1. Add File to a Playlist

2. Play a File

3. Remove Playlist

Stream not stopped

Playlist is removed

List not clear.


If you add a file to a playlist, it will not be removed from your library when the playlist is removed.

The play will also remain in the Play queue and playing, so this does not seem to be an error.

If you remove the playing file from the Play queue, it should be stopped and removed from the play queue (tested).

Does the above case work for you?

Ich verstehe die Herangehensweise nicht
Laut meinem logischen verständnis sollte wenn ich eine Playliste lösche
auch die Einträge entfernt werden.
Beim löschen der Playliste möchte ich auch die enthaltenen Titel nicht mehr verwenden.. abspielen.


I do not understand the approach
According to my understanding should logical when I delete a playlist
the entries are removed.
When delete the playlist I want the title contained no longer use .. Play.

please translate german to your language.. for better understanding.



after delete and clear the playlist create a new one

or select the next Playlist if available.


Please note that Playlists and the Play queue are two different things. 

This is the playlist view.

If you create a playlist with tracks from your library, the tracks are only references, hence if you delete the playlist, the entries in the database will remain.

When you play a playlist, the tracks from the playlist will be added to the Play queue:

The play queue also only contains references to tracks in your library. The play queue can be seen as the "active playlist".

The same logic applies, if you delete a track from the play queue, it will will only be deleted from the queue and not from the library.

It's comparabile with how players such as Winamp and Window media player works (and of course older Helium versions)

So, most likely this is not a bug.

Can it be that we are talking about different things

see shot


see again...


please refresh the page for new post


Aha, yes we were talking about different things. Thansk for the screenshots. I will analyse and test this further.

no Problem ;)


Please retest with:

remove and clear the playlist work ..

stop the file after remove not.

if you do not want that then it is OK


Yep, that's the expected behaviour.

The file should only be stopped when the entry is removed from the Play queue

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