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Spectrogram seekbar

Let the select to see a spectrogram seekbar instead of the waveform seekbar.

A spectrogram looks like this:

A spectrogram shows the use of frequencies for each point of a track (x-axis = time, y-axis = frequency, coloring = loudness).

This way you can recognize low quality audio files, since they have a large black border at the top, because high frequencies have been cut.

This is interesting, although I have not rendered a spectogram before so I assume it will need some work.

But I guess, you can't use this, since it does not fulfill your needs?!

>>But I guess, you can't use this, since it does not fulfill your needs?!

correctly.. :)


That one works perfect, but ONLY when rendered in realtime. 

This method requires that you feed the function with data for each new position (=realtime playback) which fails completely in two major cases:

1) I need to pre-render the spectogram just as the waveform whilst playing

2) If you skip during rendering, there will be gaps in the spectogram

Therefore it's a must to first render the wavpeaks to a buffer (as for the waveform) and the apply FFT transformations to get the magnitute for each line.

I did some speedtests as well and that's a bit worrying since in a spectorgram each pixel needs to be plotted, lines are simply not allowed.

I checked your code Emil, but it is still using reltime rendering with "BASS_ChannelGetData", since I have a pre-filled buffer I must do the FFT myself on the buffer. Quite complex ;)

yes is not to simple..

do it if you has time for it. :)


Yep, so far I think the FFT calculation eats to much CPU, but I will continue to see if it can be optimized.

So, if I understand you correctly, the problem is drawing this on the slider for the actually playing title?!

Would it be easier to create a function to draw a spectrogram in an additional window? For example right-click a track and select "draw spectrogram..." - then a new window opens showing the spectrogram?

This would be good enough for me. ;-)

Almost :)

The problem with a spectogram is that it cannot be rendered in positions later than the current playing position.

So, assume that I'm playing 0-10, during that time (even if my CPU allows it) I cannot render position 11-30, something I can with the waveform.

The spectogram is based on time (x-axis) and frequency (peaks) and an FFT for each position (each pixel per vertical line) and the current methods only supports it for the current playing position.

Therefore, if I skip position in the playing stream, I will need to create a "gap" in the spectrogram since I advanced in the time scale.

Well, going through a four minute track shouldn't take too long on a somewhat modern CPU. And even if you would need a minute to create the picture, it wouldn't matter, since you would be independent of the player. (Creating 100% CPU usage in this moment doesn't matter - what's the CPU power made for?)

Another advantage of a new window over the slider would be, that you could draw a much larger picture - on the slider you're stuck to a maximum of 160px in height.

We'll see, the basics must work first, then the rendering will be another thing.

Plotting width*height pixles can be a bit slow, if you need to apply FFT to each pixel.

Simplified, this one became a bit bigger than expected. :)

>>I checked your code Emil, but it is still using reltime rendering

i known

i have send it to you

so you can see i never use decibel for drawing Pixel

decibel is not needed for a spectogram


Mikael.. here any Infos how create spectrogram without playing..

Sorry i can not do it self too little experience with WPF.

Just create a decoding channel (BASS_STREAM_DECODE flag) and in a loop use BASS_ChannelGetData() with one of the FFT flags to get the FFTs. Every returned array is one column for the sonogram/spectogram.


@Emil: I have tested this, and it seems to be quite OK although the calculation of the full-size spectrum is slow, especially for longer files.

I need to see if this can be optimized somehow otherwise it cannot be added.

Realtime is quick since it only render a small position at a time.

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