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Tags Editor change Album no longer work

I have lock all entrys for Tags only Album not.

After click Apply to all

All Files are changed to the First Title.

only not the Time..


forgot the build 519


that's no April Fool

Album Name work beside cover

the other not


I'm not sure about your exact test, but I did this:

1) Opened an album in the Tag editor (advanced)

2) Locked all fields except the album field

3) Set the album to "Radio hits"

4) Apply to all


All locked fields were set to the initial (locked value).

Album was changed for the first file.

So, this case works as expected, but maybe I missed some point?

i have send Pictures Take a while


Thanks for the pictures.

I have analysed this and the following will happen in the database:

1) The album is changed for the first file

2) After all files are tagged, the summary for the tagged album is updated

3) The last change is reflected as a change of the album name ([[[ Raper Collection ]]] > Giganten)

4) The album name is changed, since one file of the album collection (same album_id on all files) were changed

In your screenshot #4, the list is restored and if you scroll down you will most likely see that ONE file changed album name, hence the change of the album in the header.

So, to summarize a long text, due to how the album handling is designed, the change will be reflected to the actual album, even if the actual files contains a mixture of the name.

And as an addon to my long text, this works most likley as designed and therefore not a bug. :)

not understand correctly i think is time for TimeViewer..

Then Neon Change all my Files to the First entry in the List.

Also Neon destroyed all my Tags Edit.

that can not be correctly sorry..


It works like this (as in prio Helium versions).

If you lock a field, the data for that field will be copied to the next file, and if Apply to all is clicked, it will be copied to all files.

So you should ONLY lock fields you would like to be the same for all files.

If a field is not locked, it will be read for each file when advancing with next, previous and of course Apply to all.

Therefore, since you locked ALL fields except for Album, the data from the first file (Bangles, Manic Monday etc, screenshot 3) will be copied to all files.

Hope this explains the locking a bit more.

yes works as should



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