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No waveform on short tracks

There's no waveform created for tracks with less than 20 seconds.

0.6 sec? The shortest tracks I have are 4 sec - since this is a spec for audio CDs.

I tried quite a few shorter than 20 seconds and none of them showed a waveform. The shortest one getting a waveform was 20 seconds long.

I have attached two tracks, a 19-second and a 20-second track.

(771 KB)

also 0.6 sec not work

0.13 works.

0.33 works.

i have no sample with 20 sec


19sec and 20sec works..




Thanks for the files Emil. I'm analysing this further.

i think the files are good for analyze right and left channel see Waveform :)

SinusRight / SinusLeft ;)

and so on..


Yes, they illustrate that the waveform is rendered as it should according to how it is represented :)

Fixed in:

I had to increase the detail level on the WAVDATA

>>I had to increase the detail level on the WAVDATA

yes or shown 160 px ;)

that is i have seen 0.13sec


works now with 0.6sec

is fixed


Fixed for me to.


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