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Add indicator for script processing (how many in total)

Can you please add a indicator how many files will be processed in the execution of a script?

Executing scripts popup:

Processing script 1/1

Processing file 1/XXX

Just a corrections for imperfections :)

Thanks a lot!

You should try:


using System;
using NeonScripting;
using System.Collections;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
using System.Linq;

namespace Neon
	public class Script
		public bool Run(INeonScriptHost host)
			var total = host.Tracks.Count();
			var idx = 1;
			foreach(var track in host.Tracks) 
				host.UpdateProgress(string.Format("Processing file {0}/{1}", idx, total));
                if (track.InitialKey == "") 
                    var key = host.RemoteCalls.CalculateMusicKey(track.FullFilename);
                    track.InitialKey = key;
                    track.IgnoreChanges = true;
			return true;



I have updated this script for the upcoming build.

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Sorry, maybe i described it wrong.

I wanted to set a "in total" indicator.


host.UpdateProgress(string.Format("Processing file {0} of {0}", idx, total));

  But I'm too stupid to get it working in the CalculateMusicKey.cs, because i can't find out how to get the count of the list for the foreach loop.. like sizeof() e.g.

Update: Added to documentation :)

This should already be possible by calling:


host.UpdateProgress(string.Format("Processing file {0}", idx));


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