Build helium_0.6.568.0.exe now available

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  • Quick editing from track lists, even the album details track list. This function is similar to old Quick edit function in earlier Helium versions, but instead of performing the editing in a separate pane and one file at a time, you will do it directly in the tracklist. To enable editing, right-click in the track list and select Toggle edit mode. Note: Some context-menu functions are disabled when edit mode are active, to activate them again, simply disable editing.
  • Remap path function
  • Copy files function (bound to Ctrl+C in the main window)
  • Move files function (will ensure that database and play queue references are updated as well)
  • PlayCounter on tags is no longer lost in some cases after tagging
  • Bugfixes in the apply function (Tag editor) for numerical fields
  • Various optimizations and bug fixes

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