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Option to create artist thumbnails in different aspect ratios

 It would be great, if I could set a different aspect ratio for my artist thumbnails (1:1, 4:3, 16:10, 16:9).

This would give me back some unused space in artist related views.

>> multiple thumbnails will need to be generated That would be one way, but I guess it would be better to simply create new thumbnails when changing this setting.

It's currently not queued for 12.1 which is planned to be released in the end of the next week.

It's a quite big task that needs to be tested in detail before we can say if it will work or now, testing involves performance tests (multiple thumbnails will need to be generated) as well as adopting of templates to support various scaling.

Any chances to get this in the near future?

Artist details view:

aspect ratio 1:1

aspect ratio 16:10

Thanks, I now see better what you mean.

This could be useful, but requires some major extensions to the templates. I will do some further tests.

Aspect ratio 1:1

Aspect ratio 16:9

Can you please share a screenshot of what this would result in?

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