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Extend global filter

It would be great to add "multiple filters" like we can do for smart playlists.

What can I do now:

* filter "compilation"

* filter "mp3".

What I want to do:

* filter "compilation AND mp3"

* filter "album OR anthology OR live-performance"

helium_12.0.14068.0.exe, needs testing

The number of conditions is not the issue here, it is what combinations of tables that are involved in the final query, so even with three arguments some strange SQL can be created, which needs to work with each view type that consumes the global filter.

I think it does not have to be as complex as for smart playlists - I guess a maximum of five conditions with a global AND / OR switch would be good enough.

This might be possible to achive, but will need some careful testing to ensure that more complext SQL queries will support this properly.

To be reviewed further.

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