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Streamer Android app - Streamer 3

Will it be possible to use the app "Helium Streamer" to connect to the Helium Streamer 3 server?

You will need new apps due to the changed WebApis. We plan to release them soon though.

Which OS are you using the app on?

I use Android. 5.1.1

I can fix a version for Android this evening but it will require that you allow to install "unsafe APKs".

I will be able to test it earliest tomorrow evening, unsafe APK's are no problem.

Great. I will post a link here later tonight.

Here's the link:

An easy way to install it is to unzip the APK and email it to yourself, and then open the mail on your Android device and just click the APK.

I installed it and it's working fine apart from the fact that i can't play any file.

I see on my NAS performance monitor no spike in the network connection, this means the file is not getting transferred. 

For now i used the mobile connection (HDPA+) but all other things work, even if the connection switches to a lower bandwith without error during browsing or something else.

I think it send the error when the app crashed, it was the first time i tried a playback of a file but then the app closed and i had to login again.

Is the connection to the streamer encrypted or do i have to setup it on my own?

I will try it later over Wifi.

The connection is not encrypted and I have tested it over both WiFi and 4g.

Can you test if it works if you are using Neons webservice?

This worked flawlessly with the other app you posted here:

I will try it in the evening with the newer app.

Be sure to uninstall all old instances of the app also.

I removed everything (also the remote) and reinstalled it but the playback doesn't work. It's loading for a few seconds and then crashing.

Does it work if you uninstall it and connect to Neon's webservice instead of Streamer 3's service?

i tested it now with the same app and Neon Webservice and it works. It took longer than with the previous streamer app until it starts playing (at least i think it did)

Thanks, we will test this further with the Streamer 3 service.

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