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Streamer Android app - Streamer 3

Will it be possible to use the app "Helium Streamer" to connect to the Helium Streamer 3 server?

Closed as feature request. Moved to Streamer 3 bug reports.

I have tested this on two Android devices, Streamer running on one machine which I can access via a DynDns address, using port 3030.

The port is opened in my router and in Windows firewall.

Both Android devices (Samsung S4 and Samsung S6) can properly access the Streamer's webservice - I can browse and play from the app.

Yes, i'm doing this currently.

Are you able to play music using the Streamer web interface from your computer still?

Thanks, we will test this further with the Streamer 3 service.

i tested it now with the same app and Neon Webservice and it works. It took longer than with the previous streamer app until it starts playing (at least i think it did)

Does it work if you uninstall it and connect to Neon's webservice instead of Streamer 3's service?

I removed everything (also the remote) and reinstalled it but the playback doesn't work. It's loading for a few seconds and then crashing.

Be sure to uninstall all old instances of the app also.

This worked flawlessly with the other app you posted here:

I will try it in the evening with the newer app.

The connection is not encrypted and I have tested it over both WiFi and 4g.

Can you test if it works if you are using Neons webservice?

I installed it and it's working fine apart from the fact that i can't play any file.

I see on my NAS performance monitor no spike in the network connection, this means the file is not getting transferred. 

For now i used the mobile connection (HDPA+) but all other things work, even if the connection switches to a lower bandwith without error during browsing or something else.

I think it send the error when the app crashed, it was the first time i tried a playback of a file but then the app closed and i had to login again.

Is the connection to the streamer encrypted or do i have to setup it on my own?

I will try it later over Wifi.

Here's the link:

An easy way to install it is to unzip the APK and email it to yourself, and then open the mail on your Android device and just click the APK.

Great. I will post a link here later tonight.

I will be able to test it earliest tomorrow evening, unsafe APK's are no problem.

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