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Sorting does not work correct

Sorting does not work correct:

Does it sort correct after a restart?

You can also retest with this build which performs a proper refresh after sorting has changed in Options:

No, but when I remove all "then by" conditions...

Sorting seems to be in the opposite way (artists are first sort by total tracks, then by artist name).

Ok, thanks I'll test the "Then by" case further.

Well, this might also be the wanted behavior!

Right now it works like this:
1. Sort by "artist"
2. Then sort (again) by "total tracks"

What I expected to see is this:
1. Sort by "artist"
2. Then (on the same artist name) sort (the particular items) by "total tracks"

I will need to test this a bit more but I think the "ThenBy" might cause the errors. I'll keep you updated.

Please retest with this build:

Working as expected now.


Great, thanks for testing.

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