Build helium_12.0.14032.0.exe now available

Download from:


  • Visualizations support. Place Winamp visualizations in the app\Plugins folder (delete old files first!), sonique plugins in app\splugins and bassbox plugins in bbplugin
  • Optimizations in updating after downloading of Artist information
  • Optimizations in updating of the tracks cache after tagging
  • EQ on/off button moved to main menu due to lack of space
  • Filetype added as field argument to advanced searches and smart playlists
  • Database upgrade which corrects file type values
  • Bugfix: Click on untitled album in player no longer generates a crash
  • New fields in advanced searches and smart playlists: Last played and added date. The fields supports dynamic expressions such as "Last played, Not in the last, X, days" (days, weeks, months and years)
  • Custom field mapping to tags as in Helium 11
  • Various bugfixes

As you can see there are some major changes released with this build, therefore we will not yet publish this update via the update checker since the changes needs to be tested on more machines first. Also, please note that visualization plugins may contain outdated code which prevents them to work properly on some machines. This is unfortunately out of control to us. Bugs in visualization plugins are related to their respective author.

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File is missing I think


Just a comma where it shouldnt be works fine!


>>Just a comma where it shouldnt be works fine!

not at all Mikael work on it.

also not a final build.


URL is now corrected, thanks for the info.

ahh ...

Joe means the comma after files

yes i have see this :)


I'm running 12.0.14028.0 and I don't get an update message... Even when I look manually for an update (Help->Check for updates...) Neon tells me "No updates are available".


As mentioned in the announcement above, this build is not an updated announcement since it needs testing before "all" users of Neon will get access to it. So this is in order :)

Well, damn - I should have read the complete posting...


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