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Visualization dependent

After start any Vis

Mouse entered no longer possible


Move the Window or click anywhere,


2. Sonique not shown Texture for Progressbar Path to vis.ini is Wrong

  Should be SPlugins/Vis.ini not in the Folder from where the Plugin is used.

  and should be Publish with Install Package also.

3. Winamp wrong playing title is shown

4. Please join together the Plugins to VisKind in Menu

5. Doubleclick not going to Fullscreen

6. Please join together the Plugins/Module also

7. Last used Plugin Settings not saved

8. Wrong Playlist Position

9. Start from Menu after playing stop/start Visualization Error Report appears

10. TextureDir is wrong depends on Path where the Vis.Ini is stored.

11. After stop Visualization VizWindow should be visible false and back to NowPlaying Screen

12. Move from Dock to Visualization View Lyrics Panel not hide.

13. Callback of Winamp plugin not used correctly so can not see the Playlist: Sample Milkdrop

14. Click on Visualization view Icon upper Corner VisWindow not hide/close

15. Change from Visualization View to Docked Panel Lyrics Window not shown and the VizWindow is overlayed on the Playlist.

16. Nullrefrence if you click on Menu/Fullscreen without playing a Title or start Visualization.

17. Resize height is wrong


>>Mouse entered no longer possible

>>Move the Window or click anywhere,

Not sure what this mean, where should the mouse enter trigger?

Can it be tested with any specific plugin?

1) Not sure what you mean, can you describe this more? (missing events etc)

3) Cannot reproduce, which steps are needed to reproduce?

4) Not sure how you mean, which data should be joined?

5) Not implemented is that desired (seems not to work like that in your sample)

6) Not sure how you mean, which data should be joined?

7) Not implemented, might do it later

8) Not implemented, might do it later

9) Cannot reproduce, more steps needed. Plugin specific?

11) I have it like this earlier on test and might re-implement it again.

12) Works as designed since a user might prefer to still see lyrics

14) Which plugin?

15) Cannot reproduce, do you have a screenshot?

17) What does this mean?

The rest which are uncommented will be fixed.

to 4. and 6.

i used more then 100 Plugins,, that is strang and used a Long time find the right plugin to,

joined your PluginKind in Menu



Winamp Mediaplayer


after that joined the Module if the plugin have one..

see Picture


to 3 and 17

Winamp wrong playing title is shown

see Picture


to 1.

Delete or rename your Helium.json

after that start Helium again Play a file and your window is no longer operated

if you has start a visualization.

Warning Dialog not closed properly?

after click Checkbox and Close the dialog


Problem 1:

Works as designed.

By default the visualization is not docked in the Now playing.

Clicking the visualization button shows warning dialog and when accepted the visualization will show in embeded mode.


i have no longer an operated Window.

also i can not set any Input to it.


Problem 1: Reproduced on another machine, thanks. 

Problem 3: I noticed in your sample that BASSVIS_SetInfo is not called until the timer is started for Winamp plugins. Should this be called during initialization ? 

your should check the Callback for Winamp that do it for you if used on correctly way..

please aktivate my Threads with Picture.. so you can see it.


4 & 6: I will start to create a submenu for modules, possibly also a grouping menu for type, with that will create deep hieararchies for end-users.

that is great ;)

Thank you..


to 14

Which plugin?

All Plugins


to 12.

>>Move from Dock to Visualization View Lyrics Panel not hide.

>>Works as designed since a user might prefer to still see lyrics

designed = Visualization View should view as in first start or?

also the full entire window without Lyrics.

or Show vis in lyrics window Panel.

my 2 Cent... ;)


Problem (improvement 12):

-By default the Now playing is not shown and visualizations defaults to full-window.

-If the user selects to show Now playing to see lyrics he can still use the fullview

-If the user prefers to see visualizations in the Now playing, he can dock it

Not fully sure, but I think that's what you mean with "or Show vis in lyrics window Panel." ?

Edit: Or did you mean that dock in now playing should be default?

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