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Changeable Cache Dir for Album/Song Pictures

 Neon has cache folder in AppData. This folder contains numbered folders in sequenced order. Each sequenced folder contains amount of images.

Since my library is larger than 100.000, it reserved GBs of data in AppData. AppData is of course good place for caching things but I use SSD drive on Windows and my primary Drive is limited.

When imaging SSD disk for backup, i have to exclude this folder. But this time after restore, neon caches again and it takes longer startup.

It would be awesome if cache can be set in settings.

Is it possible?

It could already be working (although not tested), try to change the path of "ImageCacheFolder" in helium.json and see if it works.

Did you tried this Gencer?

Nope :( It just created cache folder in appdata again and import all pics.


Ok, thanks. I'll analyse this further.

Please retry with this version and change the path in helium.json:

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This did the trick. Works fine. Thanks :)


Great to hear :)

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