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Play queue not refreh

After add a Album as  sample: from my Plugin vis_BassVis

the Paly Queue is clear

after set Auto Queue = false

Auto Queue = true works.


see Picture


I'm not sure if I tested the exact same steps as you, but during my test it worked as it should.

Can you please describe your exact steps so that we can test them?

set Auto Queue = false

hold the Play Queue open then add a Album


Thanks I will test this as soon as my code works again. It broke down when we got a power-down and some source is crashed.

I hope you can fix it


Please retest with:

I have only added some fixes but not yet been able to test them fully since I still have some problems after the power-down yesterday.

no the fix not work.

the files not shown in the list.

if use Shuffle on the clear Play Queue list then files are shown (i think while playlist refresh.)


Discussion of reproduction moved to mail.

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