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Equalizer is totally broken for me

Sorry, but the equalizer is totally broken for me...
I tried it for the first time today with the latest release, so I can't tell if older versions did a better job.

1. Equalizer set to +/- 0 db will create a much louder sound?!

I would expect no changes at all, when all sliders are set to +/- 0 db...

2. Activating equalizer in equalizer settings will take effect, when leaving settings.

I expected this would take effect immediately.

3. Changes in equalizer are not immediately changing the sound.

It seems to me only updated randomly - sometimes when re-opening the equalizer settings, sometimes after multiple seconds, sometimes not at all?

4. Turning equalizer off works for the next track, not immediately.

Turning the equalizer on from the menu works almost immediately (I guess the small delay is caused by buffering), but turning off, does not work before the next track is started.

It will show "off" in the equalizer settings and no check mark in the menu, but the sound is still increased.

I forgot to mention: it doesn't matter if I'm using WASAPI or not...



I thought that should be
That's why I did not report it.
Although I have been wondering why the effects do not changei think


1. Equalizer set to +/- 0 db will create a much louder sound?!
OK, it seems when turning on the equalizer, replay gain is turned off. When I play a track with replay gain at about zero, there's no change of loudness.

1) The first band of the EQ controls the gain and will therefore override the replay gain settings (just as in older Helium versions and other players)

2) This is an improvement, it works as in earlier versions at the moment. Please report it as a separate feature request if it is of interest to implement for a future release.

3) I cannot reproduce this, for me they are directly applied when I close the EQ. Which exact steps are you performing?

4) We will analyze this further. Having some mixed results at the moment.

1) Well, is there a way to turn off this first band?
You're right, this is exactly the same in Helium 11...
Would it be possible to total both values (replay gain + the value of this first band)?
Or simply a way to disable the Preamp while still enabling the equalizer?

2) That's untrue - all changes are immediately set in Helium 11!!!
I just checked this in Helium 11:
When I enable turn on/off equalizer in settings, the equalizer is turned on/off immediately...
When I move up "Preamp", the sound is blasted immediately...
When I move down the slider "60", there's immediately no bass...

There's no need to leave equalizer settings to take effect in Helium 11!

3) No exact steps
As I said, it seems to be randomly to me...
1) Yes it might be possible for a future version after the planned things and open issues are solved. 
2) Odd it might be caused by crappy soundcard. I will test it on another machine later. 
3) Still no reproduction found so I cannot work more with this one at the moment

Fixed in: helium_12.0.14066.0.exe

This is working much better, I will test this further at the weekend...
Please note that there might be a small delay before the new settings are applied. This happens because of the buffering and WASAPI handling.
Yes, I'm aware of this.

5) Equalizer always turning "off" when opening equalizer setting
1. start helium with equalizer turned off
2. open equalizer settings
3. turn on equalizer
4. close equalizer settings
--> "Equalizer active" is checked in "Tools" menu
5. open equalizer settings
--> "off" is highlighted, equalizer is turned off


Issue #5 is fixed in: helium_12.0.14068.0.exe

All mentioned issues seem to be fixed.


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