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Option to deactivate the beta-message

It would be great, when I could optionally turn off the beta message.

Maybe turn this message back on with every new beta, but I'm really tired of getting this message multiple times while testing - I know I'm running a beta. ;-)

A do not show again dialog might be handy I guess :)

The message was added when the beta became official, so that users which does not yet use it frequently remembers that it is a beta.

>>A do not show again dialog might be handy I guess :)

Helium is a commercial product why deactivate the Beta Dialog..

i think that should not be removed then.


Yes, I know, and I think it's a very good idea to show this - but an option to turn it off (till the next update) would be great.

>>but an option to turn it off


the question then

How should then protect the Beta ?



Well, you're right about the commercial expect. It's a choice to make, disturbing the beta-testers while there's no product to sell? Or maybe give some beta keys to "handpicked" testers?

I agree with you
It was only a consideration


Implemented in 14065. Will appear (at least) once per new build.

Great - just great.


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