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Remember the status of visualization

When I close Neon with visualization active, the visualization should be active when I restart Neon.

Right now the visualization is always turned off when starting Neon.

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>>the visualization should be active

that is only available if a Song is playing..

NOT available only if Neon restart without playing..


Just as Emil says, this is not posssible to implement. Sorry.

OK, but wouldn't it be possible to automatically check this when I start playing the first track?


That should be work.. ;)



i think your should test it without warranty to accept it later

should work without any Problem.

is annoying to activate it again and again ;)


Please reconsider trying this, it is really annoying to manually start this every time.

I wouldn't even mind if there's a short delay between starting the track and starting the visualization...


I'll timebox it to a few hours to see if it works or not. I think it's more important things in the queue to focus on, hence I would avoid this from taking too much time (at least now)

Fixed in:


Works no Trouble found..


Many many thanks, works flawless so far.


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