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Remember the status of visualization

When I close Neon with visualization active, the visualization should be active when I restart Neon.

Right now the visualization is always turned off when starting Neon.

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Many many thanks, works flawless so far.


Works no Trouble found..


Fixed in:


I'll timebox it to a few hours to see if it works or not. I think it's more important things in the queue to focus on, hence I would avoid this from taking too much time (at least now)

Please reconsider trying this, it is really annoying to manually start this every time.

I wouldn't even mind if there's a short delay between starting the track and starting the visualization...



i think your should test it without warranty to accept it later

should work without any Problem.

is annoying to activate it again and again ;)


That should be work.. ;)


OK, but wouldn't it be possible to automatically check this when I start playing the first track?


Just as Emil says, this is not posssible to implement. Sorry.

>>the visualization should be active

that is only available if a Song is playing..

NOT available only if Neon restart without playing..


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