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Let me customize the brackets used in "Title, Remix and Subtitle" column

I would really like to change the brackets used in this column to the exact opposite - "()" used for subtitle and "[]" used for remix.

In the new build:

You will have 5 new columns which can be defined from Options > View.

The contents are rendered using the same format as used in the Rename files tool for a lot of flexibility.

The columns are available in:

-All tracklist views

-Album details

-Play queue

Great, is there a list of available fields? I am looking for {albumversion}...


This is interesting because maybe it should be a fully customizable column instead which can show various aggregated information, defined by the user, instead of just customizing brackets.

No documentation for that is yet available, but you could use the rename tool as a help.
So all fields available in the rename tool are available for these columns? Great.

Well mostly - there's no {albumversion} in the rename tool... :-(


Please add that as a separate request and we can fix that. Also, there's a blog post which describes the template system which can help
Already done... ;-)


Well, having a few fully customizable columns might be great - at least three come to mind:
1. Track, subtitle, remix
2. Album, album subtitle, album version
3. Discnumber, tracknumber


I guess five or so customizable columns can be good. A few things needs to be tested further before I can promise anything though. My idea is to replace the current aggregated columns with these new if it works.

I'm marking it as planned to test if it can be done. Also performance must be tested so that it does not slow down things too much.

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