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Both editors will erase ratings

Editing tags with both editors will reset ratings to 0.

@Eddy Lemus Daguino:

Can you retest this with Helium 12.4 RC?

If it remains with that release, please open a support ticket and share one or two files with us generating this issue.

I'm currently using hellium 12.3 and I still have this problem, please help



Hopefully fixed in:

I'm not sure if I could reproduce it exactly, but this was what I did:

1) Set rating using Helium 11 to some files

2) Imported the files to Neon, rating visible and correct

3) Opened the Tag editor (rating still correct)

4) Saved changes

5) Via properties, checked that POPM was correct

The fix I did was to make the email-check case-insensitive.

Thanks Sven. I will analyse this further. Hopefully a new version with a fix will come tomorrow.
I was trying MP3 and Ogg Vorbis.

Before editing:
MP3: POPM = E-mail: Default, Rating: 204

Ogg Vorbis: H2_RATING = Default=102

After editing (and setting back the original values):

MP3: POPM = E-mail: default, Rating: 204

Ogg Vorbis: H2_RATING = default=102

After this, the editors keep the values. So it seems the editors are missing the original values because of the capital "D", which have been written by Helium 11.

I tried to reproduce this using the Tag editor;

1) Opened a file which had 3 1/2 stars set (POPM = 178)

2) Saved the file without modify anything

3) Opened Properties and inspected the file, POPM = 178 was still there.

The test was done with an MP3 file.

Are you using FLAC or MP3 files?

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