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Order of columns not stored between sessions

The order of the selected columns is not stored between sessions - neither in release details nor in play queue.

Fixed in: helium_12.0.14094.0.exe

Not working again for me...


Partially reproduced. I think it might only have been partially solved earlier.. I will analyse this further.

Still not working for me...

Drag'n'drop of columns is completely impossible now.
If I do a lot of changes via Select columns dialog in one turn, some are wrong set.

All changes are lost on the next call - no need to start a new session.


Which exact view are you testing with? (Dnd) Can you try to delete the json files before starting to see if it helps?
Removing playqueuecolumns.json and adcolumns.json did not help.

Here's what I try to get:
Playqueue index | Manually enqueued | UserColumn3 | Artist | UserColumn1 | Time | Rec.Year | Custom1 | ...

Having a look into playqueuecolumns.json this is correctly saved:
[{"ColumnName":"","DisplayName":null,"UniqueName":"PlayqueueIndex","Visible":true,"DisplayIndex":0,"Width":42,"ActualDisplayName":"Play queue index"},{"ColumnName":"","DisplayName":null,"UniqueName":"ManuallyEnqueued","Visible":true,"DisplayIndex":1,"Width":42,"ActualDisplayName":"Manually enqueued"},{"ColumnName":"UserColumn3","DisplayName":"UserColumn3","UniqueName":"UserColumn3","Visible":true,"DisplayIndex":2,"Width":350,"ActualDisplayName":"#"},{"ColumnName":"ArtistColumn","DisplayName":"Artist","UniqueName":"Artist","Visible":true,"DisplayIndex":3,"Width":350,"ActualDisplayName":"Artist"},{"ColumnName":"UserColumn1","DisplayName":"UserColumn1","UniqueName":"UserColumn1","Visible":true,"DisplayIndex":4,"Width":350,"ActualDisplayName":"Titel"},{"ColumnName":"LengthColumn","DisplayName":"Time","UniqueName":"Length","Visible":true,"DisplayIndex":5,"Width":75,"ActualDisplayName":"Time"},{"ColumnName":"RecYearColumn","DisplayName":"Rec. year","UniqueName":"RecYear","Visible":true,"DisplayIndex":6,"Width":80,"ActualDisplayName":"Rec. year"},{"ColumnName":"Custom1Column","DisplayName":null,"UniqueName":"Custom1","Visible":true,"DisplayIndex":7,"Width":350,"ActualDisplayName":"Single-Chartpos."},...

But after a restart Neon shows this:

Playqueue index | Manually enqueued | UserColumn3 | Artist | UserColumn1 | Custom1 |Time | UserColumn2 | Rec.Year | ...

Can you please try this playqueuecolumns.json.

I could force this to happen.. Looking at it right now

Hopefully fixed in:

I tested like this:

1) Deleted column json files

2) Started Helium 

3) Dragged one column from the right to the left in Play Queue, took a screenshot

4) Repeated the test for Album details

5) Closed and restarted Helium

6) Verified that the order were correct with the screenshots

Seems to be fixed.


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