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  • Releases view: New view mode, split view - similar to Helium 11
  • Artists view: New view mode, split view - similar to Helium 11
  • Possibility to expand/collapse headers in artist/album detail pages when splitmode is active
  • Bugfix related to Auto Enqueue and double-click in Play queue
  • Multiple artists is now properly read and stored in the Subtrack editor
  • Fixes for discography reading in artist details
  • Other tracks in artist details is now renamed to All tracks and works like in the Streamer 3
  • All tracks (see above) transparency problem fixes
  • Update fixes after subtrack tagging
  • Sample rate available as a tracklist column
This version is not announced as an official update. From now we will still accept feature requests as usual, but no more features except for those already in our work in progress queue will be added for the upcoming official version.
From now the focus will be on stability and bugfixes.

I personally would like to be able to edit the Navigation panel, actually I would like to eliminate it all together (I hate it), I only want to see a list of tracks in my library and a playlist on the right (ya, like Helium 11).

I want to listen to my music and that is it.  I don't want visualizations (I'm not doing acid and staring at my screen). I don't want to analyze my collection (hey Billy do you know that 75 percent of my music is bubble gum pop and more than 90 percent is one star rated, and did you know I played Slap My Thigh 120 times?). I don't want to look for my music by pictures.  I don't want to keep notes about my music.

I just want to scroll through my music library, double click a track and have it added to the end of the playlist.  And I want to see the playlist and the library list at the same time. 

I guess there are a lot of people that like all that stuff, it just isn't me.  

This (mock up) is basically the view I would use 99.999% of the time. WinAmp is close, but is a little dated. Helium 11 is almost perfect, except font scaling, and some wasted space (too bad you're going to dump it).

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Thanks for your feedback Sluggo.

At the moment we have no plans to implement this, but Neon keeps evolving so it might be considered as option for a future release.

I didn't really think you would, but I appreciate that you take the time to listen to your users.

Well, I don't want to eliminate the navigation pane like Sluggo suggests, but I would also prefer a bit fexibility there. For example, I don't keep tracks of labels, so that pane is rather uselesss in my collection, and I would like to uncheck that pane.

On the other hand I do have a custom field called "series", which would be nice to include as an additional pane. Perhaps that's something for the future to implement.



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