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Linking artists and involved people/musicians


I've been using the Free version of Helium 11 and I must say I'm really enjoying it. I've been trying out Neon the last few days and I'm seriously considering buying the Network version once it's out.

My question is: would it be possible to link artists and involved people/musicians? I think it would be quite useful to see a musician's appearances even though he's not mentioned in the "Artist" tag (especially with jazz bands that change names and personnel very often).

Would that be possible?

Keep on the good work, it's amazing! :)

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This will not be possible, since it would need a database update. Right now involved people / musicians are not stored in the database, but in tags only.

This is something I miss too, so I give it +1.


Just as Sven says, it's possible but will require some changes in the database model to work properly.

Then I also think that some system needs to be invented to determinate wheter an entry should be linked to "Group members" (e.g. someone that plays an instrument) or if it is an external persom which should be linked to "See also" (or such), for example a producer.

I don't think this would be a great problem, since "Group members" is an artist related info, while "Involve people / musicians" is track related.

These data shouldn't be shown on the artist details, but on the track details page.

I think about two tabs "Involved people" and "Musicians". Beneath show the thumbnails of the persons.

Yes, that's might be the most logical solution.

Thanks guys for your feedback. I'll be following the updates closely! 

Hi, just want to bring up this topic ... Miss this function so much ... Maybe it would be possible to manage it in Version 15 ;-)

Thanks for bringing this up again. That's a little of a problem when you have a forum with many requests :)

Anyway, I have added it to our internal backlog for further analysing. It's a quite big change, so you are probably right - for Helium 15 if we will implement it.

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