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Now playing page

Create a now playing page similar to the one in Helium 11, with sections that can be selected for visibility and possible order change.

Possible embedding of lyrics.

Do you want to do this in the main pane or where the lyrics are shown at the moment?

I you want this in the main pane, I think the play queue page would be perfect. The upper half (two-thirds) used for "Now playing" and the rest for the play queue...

The initial thing is to use it in the Now playing pane (hence the name :)) 

It has been requested (also by me) for users with no lyrics on their files. At the moment showing Lyrics (empty) and Visualisations (docked) leaves an empty gap.

OK, but I'll vote for two tabs in this pane...

Might be a good one, possibly auto-hiding of the lyrics tab if lyrics not exists.

Hm, well, but only when the lyrics tab will automatically be enabled if lyrics exist in the next track...


Yes, it should be enabled depending on the properties per the currently playing file.

I guess my last post might be unclear: the tab should not only be visible, but also active again, if it was before auto-hiding.

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