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Adding new entries will make Neon crash


Adding entries to the database such as new Artists or new Genres through the Advanced Editor will make the app crash. No problem when I add an already existing entry.

Also getting a crash when using the Discogs plug-in from Edit Artists (does not crash when I don't change the picture).

I'm using the 14109 version.

Thanks :)

Thanks for your report Antoine.

Can you please check if you get the same error with the following build:

Still having the same issues with that build.

For your information, I have imported the database from Helium 11.5 and it's a quite large one (around 12.000 songs)

I have tried to reproduce this problem with: 1) A database created with Neon 2) A large MySQL database imported from Helium 11.5 During my retagging tests, I could not get any crashes. Can you share your database so that we can test this further? Also, it would be great if you could do the same test with a new database before sharing your database. If you can reproduce it with that database, please let us know about your exact testing steps since we might have missed a step during our tests. Thank

No issue with the new database. Should I just make a new one and import all the files again?

Thanks for the help!

Yes, it would be great if you create a new one and re-import the old database to see if the error will occur again. If so, I can take a look at the database you are importing.

Okay so I've tried two things:

1) Creating a new database and adding my whole Music library -> No problem, runs perfectly and quite fast

2) Creating a new database and importing my old one from Helium 11 -> no more issues with new entries but it's quite slow and the Discogs bug is back. I've attached that database.

The attachment was too large, I've uploaded the DB to MediaFire :

I used a SQL Compact DB.

Thanks for the database.

We could not find any specific performance issues with your database, does this relate to any specific view/tool?

We could reproduce the Edit artist update problem, which we will analyse further and report progress back to this report.

It was a general latency but especially on the Artist view.

I'm currently using the same library with the newly generated database, it's working perfectly!

We have located this to be an issue with SQL Server Compact:

After an import the values for auto-identify can be out-of sync. This is noticable even if insert (adding new rows) operations are performed outside Neon.

We will analyse it further if we can find a solution.

We could not see any speed issues though, but a general recommendation is to change database type if you experience speed issues.

SQL Server Compact is a much more limited database, compared to SQL Server or MySql.

Hopefully corrected in:

With the database you imported Helium 11 data to active, do this:

1) Open Library Management

2) Click "Optimize active database"

3) Click Cancel

4) Restart Neon

The Optimize command will now force a reindexing to create a work-around for the official Sql Ce issue mentioned earlier.

After I did this I could successfully download data from Discogs to artist Aerosmith in your database and storing group members.

Perfect, thanks!

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