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Statistics->Playing history: days with 0 plays are not correctly shown

The graph does not show days with 0 plays - instead the line will leap the day and "show an average of the days before and after".

The days between all have 0 plays...

Can you share this database so that I can test this exact case?


Thanks :)

This is an effect of how the line-graph is rendered.

To avoid this effect some other rendering type needs to be used (not sure which, but possibly just plots or some scatter lines.)

It displays data as-designed at the moment so it is really not a bug, but the change will be to select another component (if any).

I might be able to solve this before the release, depending on the impact, otherwise this will be changed to a pending feature.

Would it be possible to render vertical bars instead of the line?

I can of course test that but IMO it looks cluttery when jhaving a lot of data (I have 34k plays from dec 2009), but worth a test

OK, in such a case, this might be a problem. Could you render the bars with fixed width and make the graph scrollable?

Here's how it looks with your test db:

Here's how it looks with my large DB:

Way to messy IMO, I need to test this more.. Rather low-prio though.

Here's another alternative, it becomes quite anonymous, but it's more accurate/precise.

Scrolling is a complex thing to implement, but something I have in an internal todo list (after release 12.0)

Here's a test version with the point series:

I reverted to the old solution with the lines and prioritized a scrolling bar-chart instead in the backlog (after the 1st official release).

I will mark this as solved (since there are no closed/defered state available for bugs), despite it is fully solved.

Yeah, but even on a scrolling chart, the bars need to be much smaller than in your examples - one pixel width per day would create nice mountains.


Yes this is something that needs to be tested further when its time to.

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