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Advanced search / SmartPlaylists: Last played

Searching for "Last played - Is empty" does return no results - though there are lots of never played tracks in my database.

Searching for "Last played - Not in the last - 10 - Years" does return no results - though never played tracks haven't been played in this time-frame.

I could reproduce the first problem without any problem.

I could not reproduce the second problem, it works correct:

SQL used:

select tbldetail.*

from tbldetail

inner join tblhistory on

tblhistory.detail_id = tbldetail.detail_id


((tblhistory.user_id=2) AND DATE(tblhistory.playeddate) <= '2006-07-13')

In short, it returns all entries that have been played from todays date minus ten years (=2006-07-13).

On my system no results are returned, which is correct.

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