Build helium_12.0.14123.0.exe now available

Download from


  • Piechart statistics links are underlined when hovered
  • Corrections to updating of album path logic during rename operations
  • Corrections for Last played "Is Empty/Is not empty" arguments
  • Custom image cache paths are now properly escaped in MySql
  • A new script which allows automatic correction of incorrect album paths (earlier versions of Helium did not always updated these paths, hence you could like me have a lot of old incorrect paths)
  • Various fixes reported via ExceptionLess
  • New version of Helium Streamer for Android:
  • New version of Helium Remote for Android:

This build is not available via the Update checker.

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Due to recent changes in how columns are handled in various views, we have identified some problems that can occur.

These happens during startup and will generate a crash.

To solve them, simply delete the json files named *columns.json so that they will be generated again.

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