Build helium_12.0.14137.0.exe now available

Download from


  • Artist pictures now overwritten when downloading "artist information" from edit artist if a picture exists
  • Album merging improved after tagging
  • Playing history in statistics can now be scrolled and zoomed. Click a bar to see details about that specific day
  • Scrollbar visibility in Edit artists, Edit label and Advanced tag editor multiline text controls
  • Bugfixes for changing of label pictures
  • Edit label, contact info is now properly stored
  • Number of releases shown on label thumbnails
  • A first version of downloading of Label information from Edit label

We will be away a few days (back late on friday) so no new versions/updates will happen during the next days.
Please continue and test and report issues as usual during this period and we will take care of it when we are back.

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