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Statistics view: Create tabs instead of one large page

Create a few tabs, so the statistics view is more compact - and maybe quicker to open.

1. Playing statistics:

Playing statistics, Played last thirty days, Playing history, Playing trends

2. Listening habits:

See here.

3. Tops:

All circular statistics

4. Flops:

All circular statistics, but instead of the best, show the worst

5. Rating statistics:

See here.

6. General database and file statistics:

General statistic, File types and added trends

This is an interesting one, I will do some tests to see if it will be breaking changes or not when implementing this.

Implemented in: helium_12.0.14145.0.exe

Some UI things remains, I need to see if it is possible to get the same widths of the bars for the played hours/days charts. (Not sure about that yet)

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