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Replacing files - but keeping history!

What I want to do, is replacing some lossy files, with new lossless - but I don't want to lose the history of the songs.

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@Sven: Correctly observed, this is not possible at the moment since deletions/replacements are not tracked (and it might be a very hard task to do, since it affects more than just this function)

Added date isn't touched here at all - that said, statistics will be some kind of wrong after using this function.

For example:

* Starting with an empty database.

* 2016-08-15: Adding 15 MP3 files

--> The filetype statistics shows that I've added these tracks on 2016-08-15.

* 2016-08-18: Replacing these 15 MP3 files by 15 FLAC files

--> The filetype statistics now shows that I've added 15 FLAC files on 2016-08-15 and no MP3 files at all.

Correct would be, if statistics shows 15 added MP3 files on 2016-08-15 and 15 deleted MP3 and 15 added FLAC files on 2016-08-18...

But to get this working, you would need another table in the database to track these values.

@Infusion: We were not able to reproduce that. If that issue remains for you please open a new bug report describing all steps you performs when this issue occurs.

According to the logic executed when a filetype is updated, AddedDate is not touched.

What about the added date? It seems that it is replaced. I would like to keep added date, since it's when it was included in my collection.




Fixed in:

The following attributes are now updated:

  • Bitrate
  • Sample rate
  • IsVbr
  • Filesize

There's one problem: the bitrate is not being updated in the database.


Great! Very big thanks to you!


I have updated the script for multiple files so that it is no longer locked to a specific filetype.

Please update your files with the attached files.

(588 Bytes)

A first test version is implemented in:

Two new scripts are included, one that let you select a source file and a destination file and one that takes the selection of files and iterates the folders to find a matching FLAC file to update the database with.

See the scripts for more details (UpdateFileType.cs, UpdateFileTypeMultiple.cs)

Three new funcctions in the API are implemented, see the following page for more details:

Great! I don't know how many times I had to replace files, loosing history but I had to do it.

Re-scanning folders will result in the loss of history...

Can't you just replace the files (with same filename) and then apply the tags form the database to the new files again? And afterwards make the extension to .flac and re-scan the folders

This is not yet available, but the best way is possibly to do it via a script and automate the conversion of tags.

Should not be neccesary to set a new filetype manually, the function should do that by its new destination file.

I was thinking about a separate tool, but a script would be the better way to go I think...

What I would need, is a function to set a new filename and filetype (maybe also a new path).
And it would be great to read the tags from the old files and store them in the new ones.

Sorry, I didn't check the script-engine, so this might already be possible...


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