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Custom columns and subtracks

I've set a column to "{{cd(2)}}'{{track(2)}}". This works great as long as no subtracks are involved.

If subtracks are involved I get the subtrack-number shown as track-number:

It would be great if "{{track}}" would show the track-number and a new field "{{subtrack}} would show the subtrack-number.

I could then easily rebuild the original look by "{{cd(2)}}'{{track(2)}}{-{subtrack(1)}}".

Please post the subtrack request as a separate feature request since we have no support for it at the moment in the templating engine.

I will review the bug with displaying of the invalid index.

Can you share the album with the tags resulting in this?

I cannot get the case to work properly with my data..


Here's a test-album and a test-database.


(4.09 KB)
Damn, here's the db...


(6.26 KB)

Thanks for the files.

Here's a fix which will show "<parent-current-track>-<subtrack>" for a subtrack file:

That's great, so there's no need to request the subtrack field anymore...

That's great :)

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