Build helium_12.0.14191.0.exe now available

Download from


  • Bugfix: Editing of artist in subtrack editor/splitter could result in a crash
  • Bugfix: All tracks were send to a script instead of selected tracks
  • Bugfix: Browsing issues in Music explorer, Library
  • Improvement: AddToDatabase available via scripting API
  • Improvement: Possibility to force an album picture name (eg. folder)
  • Improvement: New functions exposed for scripting (see documentation)
  • Improvement: Possibility to select via options if pictures should be overwritten or if a copy should be created
  • Improvement: Updated Netherlands and Belgium translations

This version is not exposed via the Update checker.

A preview of our new website is available from:
Please note that it is still a work-in-progress.

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The new website for Helium looks awesome. One question when do you release the paid version?


Thanks for the positive feedback Carl!

We plan to release the version in the end of August if everything works as planned.

Looks impressive - congratulations!
I'm looking much forward to the release of 12.


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