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Display of multiple artists

(I mistakenly posted this in the section for Helium 11 instead of Helium 12, so I'm re-posting)

This is something that I'd requested on the old Helium forum. I prefer for artists that are "featured" or "with" (or similar designations) to be included in parenthesis. Thus, I want the artist to look like Big Country (feat. Kate Bush). That is how I structure my tags before importing into Helium. However, when I separate the artist into multiple artists, the parenthesis are removed, leaving Big Country feat. Kate Bush. I know that this is a minor quibble, but having the featured artists in parenthesis like this really helps me view and work with my music. Would it be possible for Helium to support this sort of feature (perhaps allowing a user to decide how to demark the additional artists)?


This was only implemented as a visual fix for this release. It is of course possible to implement it when writing tags also.

Please open a support ticket for this via so that we can gather more information for further reviewing.

>>I want HMM to help me find and play my music, without changing the tags that I've worked on. Is that possible?

No tags will be changed when browsing & playing music, with the exception of play counters. (If selected).

Which kind of tags are changed when you browse and play music ? 

Sadly, this still isn't working as I'd hoped because HMM is still rewriting the tags to my music files without the parenthesis, thus changing the work that I've spent a long time getting to look just the way I want it to. Can HMM be further changed so that the parenthesis are kept in the tags?

Also, when I use HMM to split the artists, HMM also rewrites the Sort Artist tag in the file. Again, I've already taken a lot of time to get these tags to look the way I want them to.

I want HMM to help me find and play my music, without changing the tags that I've worked on. Is that possible?

Hello, it shall be available from Tools > Options > Visual > Show parenthesis for multiple artists.

I've downloaded and installed HMM 12.4 beta. Can you tell me where to find the option to include featured artists in parenthesis?

Excellent! Thank you very much.

This will be implemented for your next release.

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Hi Michael,

At the moment we are working with a hotfix for Helium 12.3 which only will contain fixes for reported problems.

After that version is out we will start with the next big update where we will review this feature request.

Now that we're several iterations into HMM 12, I wanted to check to see if this feature was still being considered.


the problem I have after adding an featured artist artist1 feat. artist2 is now the song is not shown in full tracklist neither in artist1 nor in artist2, but this comes with the test files

I'm sorry but I think I gave you the wrong answer. I thought you asked whether it was "possible" but you asked if it was "impossible".

There is currently no way to show artists in the way described in this thread. We need to evaluate the feature described above in order to support this.

 I am working out an example of all combinations and I will upload it to support when ready

Sure if not they weren't shown in featured artists discography

No it's not.. At least not if you need to split up the artists individually.

I'd like to have them displayed the same way.

By manually editing it is still impossible to bring the feat. artist in parenthesis or am I wrong?

If we will implement it we will definitely make it an option.

Thanks for your input. We will take this into consideration.

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