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Favourite status gets unmarked when track is skipped

When a track marked as favourite (the heart symbol) is skipped, the favourite status gets removed.

Hi Ranjeet,

Can you please let us know which exact steps you performed which this occured?

We did some tests with the most recent build, but could unfortunately not reproduce it.


The reproduction steps are simple just skip the track while the track marked as favourite is playing and the favourite status gets removed. It always happens. I did try on multiple days too so restarting doesnt work either.

If it helps, I am using MariaDB and Default user profile. (Version - 12.0.14184.0)

I can reproduce this.

1. Add some tracks to the play queue
2. Play the first track
3. Mark the track as favorite
4. Skip to the next track
---> The track does not show the little heart in play queue anymore
5. Skip back the previous track
---> The little heart is not shown at the right bottom either

Even a restart won't bring the favorite status back.

To add to this:

The only way to not remove the favourite status (or add favourite) to a track which is currently playing is to play the track fully without skipping it.

Regardless, if we play the same track again (even on a future date) and skip the track (either by pressing next or previous or double clicking another track on the play Q) without playing it completely, the favourite status gets removed.

Hope this helps.



Reproduced, thanks.

I tried with it but am still experiencing the same bug.

Not solved for me, too.
Ok thanks. I will do more testing with different databases. The reason was a callback that got invoked incorrectly when a new track was loaded but it might be invoked similarily from some other place. I used the next button in the player when I tested, did you used that also or some othet command to skip track?
I tried next- & previous-buttons and double-clicking another title from the play queue.


I have made a new version with some more fixes:

I tested this case:

1) Created a new database (MySql)

2) Added one album with 10 files

3) Added all files to the Play queue, then changed to the Play queue view

4) Started to play the first file, set it as favourite. The heart symbol was shown in the player and in the Play queue file list

5) Verified that the favourite was set properly in tblratings in the database

6) Double-clicked track 2, heart symbol still in tracklist for track 1

7) Set track 2 as favourite via the player

8) Heart symbol shown in the tracklist, I also verified that it was set in the database

9) Closed Helium and restarted

10) Favourite icons still shown in the Play queue

Works now. Thnx

Great to hear, thanks for the testing help!

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