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Mass tag edition (seeing files not included in the library)

Given that Helium 11 could see files that are not included in the library, I could use this to mass edit and prepare many and many new albums at once, shaping the tracks to my own standard.
This is something that I can't do with Helium 12, having to edit one album each time, resulting in a huge impact to my workflow. I don't know exacly what is the best way to achieve this. In fact I would like HMM12 to behave just as HMM11 do (seeing all files).

This is currently not planned at the moment, since it breaks the data synchronization, something that caused problems in Helium 11.

There are other workflows (suggested, you might even find a better one) recommended in the documentation of how to work with Helium.

Also, please note that the Tag editor is, just like in Helium 11, optimized when working with files from a sole album (multiple CDs are of course supported).

That optimizations relates to the right pane (quickly fill common fields) as well downloading of data.

Could only find in documentation the following link, but it doesn't say anything about mass editing.

HMM11 can be optimized for use with a sole album, but it is great to edit 10, 15 albums at once, all in a folder just before adding albums to database.
If I can't mass edit, it's not a good workflow for me. And if I can't do it im HMM12, I must consider having a HMM11 install for doing this or use another sotware for the task, which would be odd, since I would expect to have in HMM12 a all-in-one solution.

What about a editing folder defined by the user where editor tool could see files out of database? Does it "break data synchronization" too? Just an idea.

>>Does it "break data synchronization" too? Just an idea.

Yes, it will break the data consistency, since the whole architecture in Helium 12 requires that all files are available in the database.

The tag reading engine can of course understand files which are not in the database, but all tools requires that the files have an id in the database at the moment.

In older versions of Helium it was different, no database existed from start, it was added in later versions.

If we should consider to implement some kind of view with offline support in Helium 12 it needs to be upvoted by many users since it is a time demanding and complex task to do, althought possibible of course.

Our main focus though is to improve database driven views and functions, because there we have the absolute strength.

Here I give an idea of workflow in HMM11 before adding albums, mass taging and editing tracks that are not in the database yet. This improves productivity  greatly. Today, HMM12 takes much longer to do the same task. So, if more people are interested, more the chance that we could get it implemented.
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Given HMM11 can edit tags in tracks out of database, I used to put all new album folders into one preliminary folder, let's say 20 albums.

1.In that folder I can rename album folders in order to meet my standard (File explorer)
2.Load that folder in HMM11, so it will see all tracks of all albums
3.Call de tag editor tool
4.Sort by Album

From now on I can freely edit all tags the way I want. Total tracks of an album can be copyed (one cell), select all cells in the same column of the same album (SHIFT+UP), paste all cells at once.
I can clean a lot of crap coming in tags, all at once.
I can edit all other tags needed.

Once tag editor is done, the folder containing all albums can be added to the database, all at once.
Then I can move albums to the right locations, something that HMM11 can do in Music Explorer even by drag and drop.

Auto track down of HMM12 (selected cells only) would be great in this workflow. Calculate replay gain (or bpm/key) at this stage is very time saving.

This is only a particular example, this feature can be used in many many ways, even when editing one album at a time, but that above scenario is where it excels.

That's why I claim that a mass editing support is so important and why I can't survive whithout it.


Not taken for now, if it will get more interest in the future we might re-review it, but at the moments other things needs to be prioritized.

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